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3Dconnexion® SpaceMouse Pro Wireless: More Info

What’s the difference between SpaceMouse Pro and the SpaceMouse Pro Wireless?
SpaceMouse Pro Wireless offers the same set of comprehensive professional features as SpaceMouse Pro but with the added benefit of wireless (cable free) operation. Wireless functionality removes unsightly cables and offers other advantages such as being able to share the device more easily in a meeting / design review / presentation environment.

What wireless technology does SpaceMouse Pro Wireless use?
SpaceMouse Pro Wireless uses optimized 3Dconnexion 2.4GHz wireless technology for maximum performance and battery life. It features:

  • A specifically optimized transmission protocol for the 3Dconnexion 6DoF sensor to ensure real-time control (no latency or delay).
  • A specifically optimized transceiver and antenna design for a reliable connection (stable even in busy electrical environments).
  • Human hand presence detection for extended battery life (power consumption reduced in idle use).
  • Auto-zeroing means SpaceMouse Pro Wireless can be switched on in any position without causing sensor calibration issues.
  • Multi 3Dconnexion device support (unlimited devices sharing the same USB receiver).

What is the operating range of SpaceMouse Pro Wireless?
In optimum situations, SpaceMouse Wireless can be used up to 20 meters away from its USB receiver. This would typically be when the USB receiver is inserted into the USB hub and the hub is placed on the desktop

How long will SpaceMouse Pro Wireless operate before the battery needs to be recharged and how long does it take to recharge the battery?
SpaceMouse Pro Wireless will operate for up to two months1 between charges and the battery can be fully re-charged using the supplied USB cable within 2 hours. While charging, SpaceMouse Pro Wireless is still fully operational.

1 Battery life of up to two months based on 8 hours user per day, 5 days per week

What type of battery does SpaceMouse Pro Wireless have?
SpaceMouse Pro Wireless includes an internal, lithium-ion polymer battery.

How can users maximize the battery life of SpaceMouse Pro Wireless?
Turning off the SpaceMouse Pro Wireless when it is not being used maximizes battery life. (For example, at the end of the working session, at weekends or when the user is on vacation.)

What happens when the SpaceMouse Pro Wireless battery runs out?
Users are warned when the battery is running low (firstly at 10% charge and again at 4%). At this time, the user should simply connect the supplied USB cable and continue working. SpaceMouse Pro Wireless continues to operate while its battery is recharging.

What happens if the USB receiver is lost or needs to be replaced?
Customers can order additional USB receivers from the 3Dconnexion webstore (currently covering Europe and USA). A “pairing” application is available from www.3dconnexion.com/pairing to ensure the new receiver and SpaceMouse Pro Wireless connect to each other.

Is the USB receiver compatible with SpaceMouse Wireless (and vice versa)
No, the SpaceMouse Pro Wireless receiver is unique and cannot be paired with a SpaceMouse Wireless. Similarly, a SpaceMouse Wireless receiver is not compatible with SpaceMouse Pro Wireless.

How long are the USB cables?
SpaceMouse Pro Wireless is supplied with two USB cables. One is 0.5m and the other 1.5m.

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