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3Dconnexion sponsors global professional skills contest

Founded 50 years ago, WorldSkills International - known as the global “skills Olympics" - recognises excellence in education and training. Every two years apprentices, students and young skilled employees from across the globe come together to take part in a public competition, accompanied by training supervisors and instructors. Contestants are judged against their peers in professional categories in accordance with internationally recognised standards. As a sponsor of the WorldSkills CAD technology competition 3Dconnexion provides teams across the globe with 3D mice.

Instead of focusing on medals and rankings, Worldskills events concentrate on education and training, providing a showcase for new industry trends and developments. The events are designed to help young people identify opportunities early on in their careers, awakening in them a passion for performance and the motivation to achieve their full potential during training.

The events provide valuable feedback, both for participants and for the institutes and companies that train them. For some this is the acknowledgement of excellence, while for others the feedback gives the insight and motivation needed to help contestants do better.

For spectators the Worldskills competitions are an opportunity to see highly skilled young people, from all corners of the globe, doing what they do best. The competitions provide an ideal platform for presenting a wide range of occupations in a positive way.

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